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Values are the most appreciated legacy we receive from our ancestors, and they are also the most important thing we will leave to future generations. They are what allows us to measure and discern the right from the wrong at the time of making decisions. As we live in a society, those decisions affect directly or indirectly to others, in the same way their decisions affect us.
VALORES.ORG is a digital platform with a clear mission: to encourage people to live with good values as a way to achieve a pleasant life as persons, in their families, and as a society.
It transmits values to help people lead a better life.
Maihaus was called to participate in the project, bringing new ideas and starting points to achieve a dynamic, attractive way for the regular user. Under the slogan of transmitting values, Maihaus proposes an active attitude towards values. Because having values is not enough if they are not made evident.
By taking this dynamic concept, Maihaus developed its identity and its digital platform, seeking a modern display through a design that could transmit movement, and attitude.
Because when we move and act with values, we pass it on to others.

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