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Peugeot Lounge invites you to have a unique and unforgettable experience; a place that merges the glamour and quality of the French car industry with the best international cuisine. Peugeot Lounge is a multipurpose lounge that offers you a tour through the history of the brand while you enjoy smells and flavours that make you play a role in a classic chapter of a Parisian live.

In conjunction with Sense agency, we have worked on the identity of Peugeot Lounge. Our starting point was the sophistication so as to create modern and elegant pieces that could go with the Parisian aesthetic of the lounge. We took the gastronomic proposal and translated it in graphic elements that provide quality from their simplicity and harmony. We worked on the comprehensive communication of the place and developed certain pieces such us, the wine menu, the restaurant’s menu, interventions and institutional communications for press events.

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