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Diedra started as a project of Grupo Farallon, a well-known construction company dedicated to private and public building projects with more than 30 years in the field.
Diedra is a building system that consists of a series of modular panels that effectively meet the structural requirements for the construction of any architectural type or structure of up to twenty stories from the simplest to the most complex ones.
After a call for a pitch with other design agencies, Maihaus was selected to work on Diedra’s entire identity, from the name to the logo, the website and the brand’s presence at the factory.
To date, we have created several pieces and we are still working as a team on the corporate identity.
We designed, among other pieces, the institutional video, brochures, newspapers and magazine ads, commercial stationery and 2 booth for exhibitions held at La Rural and Buenos Aires Sheraton..
Video: JLV Videos I Photography: A. Pastore


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